Sunday, April 12, 2009

How can you kill lilac bushes making it look like a natural death?

For the most part these stupid bushes are on my side of the property line, but partially on my neighbors side. I am extremely allergic to lilacs, they cause not only a stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, but they restrict my air way.

The only way I survive is to take massive doses of Benadryl and go to bed until it’s over. My neighbors feel since they planted so many of these things on our property line when we moved in, unlike NORMAL people who just put up a FENCE, I should just take Benadryl for the next 3 or 4 weeks and go to bed. Like I don’t have responsibilities – like CHILDREN!

For some reason the Bitter Sweet won’t kill them!

How can you kill lilac bushes making it look like a natural death?
pour Roundup down the stalks slowly as not to create a moat around the base of the bush

before your inconsiderate neighbors have a chance to replant, salt the ground and that should put an end to plants growing there for years.
Reply:Benadryl will of course confine you to the bed. It makes you drowsy. Take an allergy pill like Claritin that doesn%26#039;t cause drowsiness.

BTW it%26#039;s not the Lilacs. It more likely grass pollen or tree pollen that is killing you. You would be well served to see your doctor and find exactly what you are allergic to before you go killing off landscaping.
Reply:bleach, pinesol, roundup get it in the will slowly kill it..just like you thats kinda funny...and actually you can cut them if they are on your property line...there shouldnt be anything within a foot of the property line in most states..if they are on your side..cut the damn things down..tell them you cant live on allergy meds...because being so drunk from them you have to sleep sucks...tell them you will help them move them..but they arent staying there...end of story
Reply:Get a monster truck and mow those bushes down and do brodies all over their yard. That should teach those weasels for being insensitive to your needs.
Reply:call the borough or whoever is in charge of your town/city and find out what can be done
Reply:pour a bottle of weed killer on some type of somthing like that at the bottom.. if you can get close enough..


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